Our PhD Programs at a glance

The program „Applied Morphology and Regeneration” offers a profound training in morphological and imaging techniques, including cell‐ and molecular biology as far as it applies to tissue morphology, regeneration and biomechanics. read more

The program “Clinical Cancer Research” is focused on the clinical and translational aspects of cancer research. It connects clinical aspects with molecular biology-based strategies to investigate and characterize different types of cancer, from childhood to adult malignancies. read more

Clinical neuroscience is one of the most rapidly advancing fields in biomedical research integrating scientific and clinical aspects.The research program aims to understand the nervous system in healthy individuals and those with neurological and psychiatric diseases and to translate this knowledge into clinical research and patient care. read more

The PhD program “Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine” is directed to students interested in research focusing on topics of acute medicine. It is an interdisciplinary program representing different specialties including anesthesia, neurology, pediatrics, neonatology and internal medicine. read more

Cardiovascular medicine represents a scientific area, which investigates the most common mortality and morbidity cause worldwide, namely cardiovascular diseases. Due to this fact, cardiovascular medicine as a science topic has rapidly developed and evolved during the last 50 years. read more

“This program is especially addressed to physicians who are planning to train for radiology or nuclear medicine. However, it is also open to physicians from other departments who are scientifically or clinically interested in imaging science. read more