Clinical Neurosciences (CNS)

Clinical neuroscience is one of the most rapidly advancing fields in biomedical research integrating scientific and clinical aspects. The research program aims to understand the nervous system in healthy individuals and those with psychiatric and neurological diseases and to translate this knowledge into clinical research and patient care. This interdisciplinary program represents different specialties including neurology, neurosurgery, clinical psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapeutic medicine.

The goal of this program is to train students in current methodologies and technologies that are relevant for advanced clinical neuroscience and to communicate skills and knowledge to translate basic research concepts into applied clinical research and clinical studies. This goal is pursued through courses that are directed by scientists in basic neuroscience as well as by research-oriented clinical neuroscientists. As a result, the program provides the opportunity to acquire biochemical, physiological, and clinical medical and psychological as well as computational skills in neuroscience, always with an eye toward clinical relevance and applicability. Psychosocial, gender, and ethical issues in neuroscience are important and underline the practical and societal relevance of the field.

Our aim is to foster independent research and critical thinking in clinical neuroscience. This will provide a solid basis for the future scientific careers of participating students. The provided courses offer the opportunity to learn about aspects related to the applicant’s own project but also to be trained in academic skills such as scientific writing, public presentations, statistical analysis, or gender medicine. The course program gives participants the opportunity to look beyond their own research topic to become fully qualified researchers and leaders in the field.

The program offers internationally recognized mentors with a strong research background and provides the opportunity for local and international interdisciplinary networking.

The program is run in collaboration with the PhD program “Neuroscience.”

CNS Students

Frank Florian2021Assoz. Prof. PD Dr. Gregor Brössner
Rass Verena2021Priv.-Doz. Dr. Raimund Helbok
Heim Atbin Djamshidian-Tehrani
Mayer Lukas2021PD Dr. Michael Knoflach
Stelzl Eva Magdalena2020Michael Schocke
Peball Marina2020Univ.-Prof. Dr. Klaus Seppi
Raccagni Cecilia2020Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gregor Wenning
Pinggera Daniel2020Univ.-Prof. Dr. Claudius Thome
Töll Thomas2020PD Dr. Michael Knoflach
Böhme Christian2020Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Kiechl
Kerschbaumer Johannes2019Univ.-Prof. Dr. Claudius Thome
Indelicato Elisabetta2019PD. Dr. Silvia Bösch
Bsteh Gabriel2018Thomas Berger
Mangesius Stefanie2018Univ.-Prof. Dr. Werner Poewe
Auer Michael2018ao.Univ.-Prof. Deisenhammer Florian
Willeit Karin Christine2017Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Kiechl
Frajo-Apor Beatrice2016Assoz. Prof. Priv.-Doz. Hofer Alex
Pinter Bernadette Katharina2016ao.Univ.-Prof. Seppi Klaus
Schiefecker Alois Josef2015Dr. Priv.-Doz. Helbok Raimund und Schmutzhard E

CNS Faculty