General Information

General Information

Director of Clinical PhD Studies:
Assoz. Prof. Priv.-Doz. Bernhard Glodny

Deputy of Clinical PhD Studies:
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dominik Wolf

Clinical PhD Broschüre

The postgraduate study program “Clinical PhD – Doctor of Philosophy” (Q794445) at the Medical University of Innsbruck (MUI) currently comprises six programs: “Applied Morphology and Regeneration” (AMR), “Clinical Cancer Research” (CCR), “Clinical Neurosciences” (CNS), “Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine” (ICE), “Cardiovascular Medicine” (CVM), and “Clinical Imaging Science” (CIS). Many students have already passed through the program in its now ten-year history of success, and interest is growing, especially for research activities in the core research areas of MUI, including: oncology, neurosciences, genetics, epigenetics, and genomics, as well as morphology, infectiology, immunology, and organ and tissue replacement. Research also includes clinical areas of expertise and rapidly developing capabilities that are prerequisites or even necessary complements.

The programs deepen the fundamentals of scientific work, are integrative with each other, offer access to the most modern technical and scientific procedures, and provide tools for the full breadth of successful clinical research.

The Clinical PhD of the Medical University of Innsbruck (MUI) resides at the highest level of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), qualifying according to the Bergen criteria with “knowledge at the most advanced frontier“, the “most advanced and specialized skills and techniques”, and the highest levels of “responsibility and autonomy” for clinical sciences. The six adaptive programs, which can be tailored to individual research projects, give clinically oriented students the opportunity to pursue a scientific career as a clinical physician in a competitive environment, integrated into their specialist clinical training. Excellent research is combined with the best possible patient care within the framework of the Bologna requirements for the completion of the highest level of academic degrees.

Therefore, the doctoral program Clinical PhD of the Medical University of Innsbruck (MUI) can only be undertaken by graduates of human medicine and dentistry programs. The Clinical PhD serves as targeted postgraduate advancement, and it prepares the academic future of clinically oriented physicians in terms of  “Clinic – Science – Career“.